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MT Studio Architecture is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in adaptive reuse of existing buildings.  The company has experience working on a range of project types-- from restaurants to theatres-- that are public in nature and bring value to the building owners and communities that they serve.  We strive for quality projects with any size budget, and are especially well suited to complex, budget-constrained, community-oriented buildings.   MT Studio was incorporated in 2008.  We keep an office in Inman Park in Atlanta.


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M. Tarver Siebert

Tarver Siebert is a registered architect based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since graduating Tulane University with degrees in Architecture and Philosophy, he has designed a broad range of building types.  He started his career working in New Orleans and gained a keen eye for the detailing and craftsmanship found in historic structures.  He has since designed houses, corporate interiors, restaurants, and historic theatres.  


hannah kimBLEY

Raised in a small town in Georgia, Hannah set her sights on moving to Atlanta and pursuing her passions in art and architecture at a young age.  She graduated from Kennesaw State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Business Administration.  With several years of experience in the entertainment industry and public relations, Hannah now enjoys working on the unique projects at MT Studio.  She is currently pursuing her architectural licensure, and in her free time you’ll find her adventuring outdoors, creating projects around her home, and spending time with her husband, Tyler, and their three cats.


rebecca robinson

Rebecca graduated with a bachelor degree in Architecture from Kennesaw State University and is now pursuing her licensure. When not at the office, Rebecca spends her time reading and playing with all her friends' dogs.


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