Modern Take on Historic Home in O4W / by Tarver Siebert

We are so excited about the progress being made on this beautiful home, in its fantastic location next door to Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Park.


A 3 bed/3 bath home featuring a large, open, inviting living space, re-worked roof line, and new stairs up to the bedrooms as well as a more comfortable set of stairs down to the basement.

2018_06_08 Scan Sketch 2.jpg

The basement will include shop space, a photography studio, equipment storage, and loading access between car and basement. Our clients for this project work in the film industry and will furnish their renovated home with specially curated items of furniture re-purposed from old film sets.

2018_06_08 Scan Sketch.jpg

Landscape designed with low walls and planters will line the path from the driveway to the rear entry of the house.

Stay tuned for updates!