Brixmor / by Tarver Siebert

Our primary focus here at MT Studio is history: historic preservation, renovation, remodeling, and repair. By incorporating modern amenities into pre-existing historic structures, we are able to create new homes and dazzling commercial spaces while retaining historic significance and minimizing footprint. Take, for example, these offices in Alpharetta. Converting retail space to offices is an interesting prospect that potentially portends a larger real estate trend. With the Brixmor project, we were granted an incredible opportunity to bring our knowledge of contemporary design, our collective attention to detail, and our ability to listen and visually communicate our design intent to build a beautiful space in which to work.

MT Studio was tasked with the interior design for these 12,000 square foot offices, and after careful coordination with the rest of the design/build team, we provided new finishes for the floors, walls, and ceilings as well as professional guidance for specialty light fixtures in the lobby, conference, and break rooms. On the exterior, our team specified lighting locations and types as well as colors. We also recommended furniture-type outdoor items like planters and benches, in order to complete the finished look of the space.

Brix 2 - 3D View - Reception Straight (1).jpg
Brixmor Conference.jpg