Co-op Homeschool Learns Concept of Scale with MT Studio by Tarver Siebert


Earlier this week, MT Studio invited a co-op homeschool class into our office for a lesson on city planning.  Our architectural designers, Rebecca and Hannah, put together a presentation describing the varying scales of planning from rural landscapes to city centers. The class learned the concepts of scale and context as well as transitions of the zones through an urban transect diagram. The students were able to identify the factors that create urban density, such as streets, city blocks, and mixed-use environments. At the end of their lesson, they were asked to create a fill-in-the-blank drawing to complete a city street - they did such a great job! Check out their drawings below.

CITY IMAGES_Page_3.jpg

CITY IMAGES_Page_4.jpg

CITY IMAGES_Page_5.jpg

#FlashbackFriday: Happy Tabby Cat Cafe by Tarver Siebert

The plans for Happy Tabby were first announced in November of 2015. It took the team 9 months to demo and refurbish the building that the cafe now calls home. Happy Tabby occupies two 120-year-old, historic, commercial spaces in the heart of the up-and-coming Old 4th Ward district in Downtown Atlanta. Our doors opened in the summer of 2017.
— April Hill,



Hill gutted the building -- which was built in 1901 and previously served as a barbershop where Martin Luther King Jr. got his hair cut -- and redid the electrical systems and plumbing.

small Panorama1.jpg


Then she worked with the design team here at MT Studio Architecture in order to bring her vision to life!

Customers can now pay by $8 an hour to play with kitties in Happy Tabby’s “cat room”. Currently home to 17 cats, all up for adoption through FurKids animal rescue organization, the space will eventually host up to 25, according to owner April Hill. The room — a veritable cat paradise outfitted with a loft, hammocks and a variety of cat toys — holds 30 people, and Hill says if it’s not at capacity, she’ll allow people to stay longer. For customers who prefer to cat watch rather than cat interact, a partition made of giant windows Hill collected from old houses around the city separates the cafe from the cat room.

The cafe portion of Happy Tabby, set to open in the next few days, will serve drinks including lattes, cold brews and teas, and plans to offer pre-made, packaged foods from a rotating list of local purveyors including King of Pops and Highland Bakery. Hill is working with San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co. on the beverages and also developed a special dark roast with Mexican and Peruvian beans that’ll serve as Happy Tabby’s house roast and will be available for purchase.
— Atlanta Journal Constitution,

Atlanta Architecture by Tarver Siebert

Photo by Tarver Siebert, MT Studio Architecture

Photo by Tarver Siebert, MT Studio Architecture

The architecture of Atlanta is marked by a confluence of classical, modernist, post-modernist, and contemporary architectural styles. Due to the complete destruction of Atlanta by fire in 1864, the city’s architecture retains no traces of its Antebellum past. Instead, Atlanta’s status as a largely post-modern American city is reflected in its architecture, as the city has often been the earliest, if not the first, to showcase new architectural concepts.

However, Atlanta’s embrace of modernism has translated into an ambivalence toward architectural preservation, resulting in the destruction of architectural masterpieces, including the Commercial-style Equitable Building (Atlanta’s first skyscraper), the Beaux-Arts style Terminal Station, and the Classical Carnegie Library. The city’s cultural icon, the Neo-Moorish Fox Theatre, would have met the same fate had it not been for a grassroots effort to save it in the mid-1970s.
— Wikipedia

Hodgepodge Coffee by Tarver Siebert

hodgepodge latte art.jpg
Get ready to get caffeinated, Summerhill.

East Atlanta coffee shop Hodgepodge is set to open a second location across from the GSU Stadium — formerly Turner Field — at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in mid-2019. The spot will be housed on the ground level of a new construction office building.

Owner Krystle Rodriguez said the neighborhood was a natural fit — both she and her husband graduated from GSU and have lived in nearby Chosewood Park for the past decade.

The setup in the Summerhill shop will be similar to the East Atlanta location, offering a variety of coffee drinks and baked goods. Rodriguez said the East Atlanta location will soon feature a small market with grab-and-go items, which she hopes to bring to Summerhill when that spot opens.

Hodgepodge is also known for displaying the work of local artists and hosting live music and other community events.

Hodgepodge opened in its original location at 720 Moreland Ave. SE in January 2012.
— The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
hodgepodge coffee rendering.jpg
The Hodgepodge name is perfect in description. It’s a little bit of a coffee shop, slightly like a bodega, with an art gallery ambience that captivates patrons in search of an early morning jolt of caffeine.

When it comes to coffee, they serve signature drips with some of the smoothest Batdorf & Bronson coffee, and daily bake delicious treats such as cheddar biscuits, authentic Jamaican patties (beef, chicken, or vegan), or their famous chocolate chip and banana bread, among other amazing fresh bake goods.

What separates Hodgepodge from other coffee shops is their curated art gallery and merch by Root City Atlanta. Artist can submit applications to exhibit in their amazing space. Stop in and grab a cup, try a delicious cheddar biscuit, and stay and be captivated by the creativity of some of Atlanta’s emerging artist exhibitions when you visit Hodgepodge Coffee.
— CBS Atlanta
Monica Alexander Mural.jpg
The expansion news just keeps coming for Hodgepodge Coffeehouse. The coffee shop and local art gallery, owned by Krystle Rodriguez on the edge of East Atlanta, is opening a location in Reynoldstown.

Rodriguez tells Eater Atlanta the roughly 900-square-feet Hodgepodge-Reynoldstown will act more as a grab-and-go shop, or “Hodgepodge express”, with a limited food menu. Despite its smaller size, people can still expect the vibe to be 100-percent Hodgepodge.

While parking is an issue at the original Moreland Avenue shop, 15 dedicated spaces are planned for Hodgepodge-Reynoldstown.
— Eater Atlanta
hodgepodge coffee sign.jpg
We live in a time of renaissance … cities are coming back to life, after a long neglect.
— Daniel Libeskind

Restaurant Holmes by Tarver Siebert

Office Desk Shot.JPG

MT Studio Architecture is excited to showcase some of our favorite photos and press coverage from the Holmes design process. Check out the curated selection below, and let us know what you think in the comments. For more information about Restaurant Holmes, click here and you will be redirected to the Alpharetta City Center website.


Mood Board Mondays: one of our favorite Instagram traditions. For more material inspiration like this one, you can follow us on IG by clicking here.

ceiling fixtures-small.jpg
I locked myself into two rooms for 2 weeks at @restaurantholmes with only black ink and brushes. I had no plans or sketches other than to just to start drawing and not stop till I filled all 8 walls.
— @gregmike on Instagram
Forged steel door handles by Atlanta blacksmith Jason Smith of  Smithworks Iron & Design  ( IG: @smithworksiron )

Forged steel door handles by Atlanta blacksmith Jason Smith of Smithworks Iron & Design (IG: @smithworksiron)

Press Highlights:

Modern Take on Historic Home in O4W by Tarver Siebert

We are so excited about the progress being made on this beautiful home, in its fantastic location next door to Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Park.


A 3 bed/3 bath home featuring a large, open, inviting living space, re-worked roof line, and new stairs up to the bedrooms as well as a more comfortable set of stairs down to the basement.

2018_06_08 Scan Sketch 2.jpg

The basement will include shop space, a photography studio, equipment storage, and loading access between car and basement. Our clients for this project work in the film industry and will furnish their renovated home with specially curated items of furniture re-purposed from old film sets.

2018_06_08 Scan Sketch.jpg

Landscape designed with low walls and planters will line the path from the driveway to the rear entry of the house.

Stay tuned for updates!


Brixmor by Tarver Siebert

Our primary focus here at MT Studio is history: historic preservation, renovation, remodeling, and repair. By incorporating modern amenities into pre-existing historic structures, we are able to create new homes and dazzling commercial spaces while retaining historic significance and minimizing footprint. Take, for example, these offices in Alpharetta. Converting retail space to offices is an interesting prospect that potentially portends a larger real estate trend. With the Brixmor project, we were granted an incredible opportunity to bring our knowledge of contemporary design, our collective attention to detail, and our ability to listen and visually communicate our design intent to build a beautiful space in which to work.

MT Studio was tasked with the interior design for these 12,000 square foot offices, and after careful coordination with the rest of the design/build team, we provided new finishes for the floors, walls, and ceilings as well as professional guidance for specialty light fixtures in the lobby, conference, and break rooms. On the exterior, our team specified lighting locations and types as well as colors. We also recommended furniture-type outdoor items like planters and benches, in order to complete the finished look of the space.

Brix 2 - 3D View - Reception Straight (1).jpg
Brixmor Conference.jpg

We ♥ Cabbagetown by Tarver Siebert

Completed in 2015.

Completed in 2015.

Since 2015, we have designed three new projects in Cabbagetown - and we are now starting on our fourth! That's a new Cabbagetown project every year! This neighborhood is highly regulated by the Urban Design Commission (UDC) which helps maintain a living tradition of an ongoing historic aesthetic - something architects refer to as vernacular.

Vernacular architecture is an architectural style that is designed based on local needs, availability of construction materials and reflecting local traditions

"Vernacular is the language of architecture that is specific to a time period," Hannah explains, "we love the added challenge of staying consistent with the vernacular while bringing these historic homes into the present with modern-day upgrades."

Completed in 2017.

Completed in 2017.

At the job site by Tarver Siebert

Hannah is hard at work on the job site, checking to see that the construction is being done according to the plans.  Working in existing structures, there are always unforeseen conditions that require adjusting the "ideal" in the plans to the real-world conditions in the field. 

Hannah is hard at work on the job site, checking to see that the construction is being done according to the plans.  Working in existing structures, there are always unforeseen conditions that require adjusting the "ideal" in the plans to the real-world conditions in the field. 

This dining room is coming together

This dining room is coming together

The beams are structural and decorative.  This is how the finishes overlay the structural work.

The beams are structural and decorative.  This is how the finishes overlay the structural work.


Scandi Inspiration by Tarver Siebert

"I saw this the other day and had to capture it. This is right off the BeltLine. I like the extreme pitch for the steep roofs, and all the texture. It's not our design, but it's still good." Tarver

“Vertical versus horizontal - nice, clean lines.” Hannah

"It’s a new take on the cookie-cutter houses that have been popping up - but it’s Scandi, which adds interest.” Rebecca

"Scandi" is designer-speak for "Scandinavian design," which is a movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

THE ART OF THE SKETCH by Tarver Siebert

At MT Studio Architecture and Interiors, we believe in the power of a sketch. A quick sketch can go a long way in helping our clients visualize their space whether it be their house or their business. Here are a few examples of what you might see from us in a design meeting.

JAS Porch_0001.jpg
Character Sketch.jpg
Porch 2.jpg

MEET OUR TEAM by Tarver Siebert

Meet Rebecca, another of our fabulous architectural designers!


Rebecca graduated with a bachelor degree in Architecture from Kennesaw State University and is now pursuing her licensure. When not at the office, Rebecca spends her time reading and playing with all her friends' dogs.

MEET OUR TEAM by Tarver Siebert

Introducing Hannah, one of our fabulous architectural designers!


Raised in a small town in Georgia, Hannah set her sights on moving to Atlanta and pursuing her passions in art and architecture at a young age.  She graduated from Kennesaw State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Business Administration.  With several years of experience in the entertainment industry and public relations, Hannah now enjoys working on the unique projects at MT Studio.  She is currently pursuing her architectural licensure, and in her free time you’ll find her adventuring outdoors, creating projects around her home, and spending time with her husband, Tyler, and their three cats.